Let's play the Blues y'all... it's all Blues to me!!!

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It's a Fast Jimmy's Jam y'all, all ages, all skill levels welcome.
All you need to bring is your axe, whatever that may be,
and your desire to make music and have fun doing it!!!

If you'd like a flyer for this jam, click {warning, this is for an old jam, a new flyer has yet to be created} here.

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The best measure of wealth is the love and happiness we share with others.
Hey y'all, let's get STINKING RICH!!!

Fast Jimmy's Jam Guidelines

OK, these are the guidelines for the Jam. They are not rules. Rules are for card games and anal retentive windbags. I am a windbag, and I take a pill to deal with the anal retentive part.

  1. Everything I create is Copyrighted and distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License where applicable. I don't came to know exactly what this means or if it's actually legally binding. I don't know that it's actually ever been tested for the kinds of things I create. I'm doing this intentionaly to put myself on the leading edge of this issue. I believe art should be free of money in all ways. I feel once money is involved in anyway, the freedom to create has been compromised to some degree. My argument is Based on the Act of Art and the Nature of Being, namely Intentionality, and Human Being, namely Being of Life and Love, and the Impertaive of Responsibility which is its Natural Consequence (capitalization is intentional and significant). This is the Grounding of what I call Existential Phenomenalogical Pragmatism. If necessary, I can Root my insistance on the GNU Genral Public License in Being and Human Being, on through the Imperative of Responsibility. My experience is for the most people, this is not a very pleasant experience. But if you insist, I'm willing to walk you through it.
  2. The art is free, we just ask that you put something in the tip bucket to help pay expenses, and as appreciation for the role the artist plays in society. I call this Tip Bucket Blues. Actually, being brain damaged with a degree in Philosophy, I've spun Tip Bucket Blues into a Philosophy of Life, one of the components being the Tip Bucket Blues Benefit. My first Tip Bucket Blues Benefit was for Raful Neal, father of Kenny Neal. Yes, there is a story, but that's for elsewhere. So is the definition of the Tip Bucket Blues Philosophy of Life. At this point, I'll just say you could say the Buddhist Monks begging bowl is a form of a Tip Bucket... hence Buddhism is in a way a Tip Bucket Blues Philosophy of Life. Now, I'm not saying I'm a Buddhist, but I did write a song titled Buddha Belly... ya, I have a bone to pick with the Buddha... but I believe the Dalia Lama is right on when he says, "always Practice Kindness, especially with ourselves." Now that's a popping sound bringing luck all around town... :)
  3. Jams are always all ages/all skill levels, run by a first come/first sever sign up sheet, no exceptions. If Elvis walked in with Jimi Hendrix, Lemmy, and Ginger Baker (c'mon, he might as well be dead, right?), and said this is my new band, mind if we get up on stage immediately, were short on time, I'd say, "the sign up sheet is over there, just put your names at the bottom." Ya, I know, that's complete B.S., but my one man act is called Fast Jimmy and the B.S. Express, would do you expect? ... :)

That about sums it up. I mean, they're guidelines, how many do you need. 3 is one of my favorite numbers, maybe my favoritedest... not a word, but it's a Fast Jimmy's Jam, Y'all, We Be Jammin'... Everybody Jams at a Fast Jimmy's Jam... who cares about spelling at a time like this... :)

In closing....

Martin Luther King Jr.

On the parable of the Good Samaritan:
"I imagine that the first question the priest and Levite asked was:
'If I stop to help this man, what will happen to me?'

But by the very nature of his concern, the good Samaritan reversed the question:
'If I do not stop to help this man, what will happen to him?

― Martin Luther King Jr., Strength to Love